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Carol Carden – Owner/President – COO Director

began her career with Coolman Communities in 1988. Carol spends her days managing operations including marketing, financial and production. Carol’s goal is to make sure that our homebuyers are proud that they built a Coolman home, and that they know we have their best interest in mind as our homeowners.

Eric Veldman – Owner/President- Sr. Builder

started with Coolman Communities in 1994 as a builder’s assistant and has grown in his responsibilities. He now manages the day-to-day operations in several Coolman communities and is very involved with our homebuyers while he builds your new home. Eric is available to consult with you as you’re considering building your new home.

Kelly Kaminski – Production Manager

graduated from Purdue North Central in 1995 with a degree in Building Construction Technology. She joined the Coolman Communities team in 1995 and is ready to give you accurate pricing on your new home. We pride ourselves in giving our home buyers up-front pricing and Kelly is key in the process from the plan development to current base pricing on all of our homes.

Caleb Stalbaum-Builder/Superintendent

has worked on the Coolman Team for over 10 years with experience at all levels of construction. His supervisory duties include organizing workers, coordinating tasks, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. 

Tina Daugherty – Customer Care Manager

Tina started with Coolman in 1996. Tina enjoyed working with the sub-contractors and suppliers in
the day-to-day operations in Essex Park and Aberdeen for over 10-years, which more than fully prepared her for her new role as your Customer Care Manager.

Robert V. Coolman - Founder/Consultant/Developer

has been in the development business since grade school. (Robert B. Coolman and Florence Coolman, his parents, began developing land in Valparaiso in the late 1950’s). Bob began building homes in 1972 after returning from military duty in Southeast Asia and completion of his formal education in Civil Engineering at Purdue University. Since then, Bob has built over 1,000 single-family and multi-family homes and has developed many well known neighborhoods in our area. Bob’s desire is to provide homes and neighborhoods that maximize benefits to the customer and minimize expenses.

Ronald Fisher – Owner/Vice President – Retired

Construction Field Superintendent and Developer
began a career in the building trades in the late 1950’s. Since then, Ron has been responsible for the construction of nearly 1800 single-family homes, condominiums, etc. in our local area. Ron joined Coolman Communities in 1973, and was responsible for all construction and development for Coolman Communities until his retirement in 2007. As an owner, Ron still checks in and keeps an eye on how we are all doing here at Coolman.


To create homes and communities of extraordinary livability and value.



Robert B. Coolman and Florence E. Coolman, parents of Robert V., founded Coolman & Coolman in the early 1950’s. Coolman Communities continues it’s longevity which has afforded the company with the ability to create a culture of excellence. Our a team is comprised of an experienced group of talented individuals who are committed to producing top quality, affordable homes for completely satisfied customers.



We focus on making your new home an enjoyable experience. We work with our clients to put together selections ad options that make their home unique beginning with beautiful finishes and high quality construction standards. The home is first created on paper and priced with the choices of options selected. You know the price of the home before we break ground…no hidden surprises!

We strive to deliver a high quality home and to make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Crafting Communities, Leaving Legacies

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Office: 359 S. Franklin Street, Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

219-464-7510   or  219-508-3480