Home ownership comes with its fair share of to do’s–daily clean-up, weekly chores, seasonal tasks, and so much more. Today’s schedules are generally more hectic and jam-packed than ever before; finding ways to streamline home care can free up time to do the things you truly enjoy.

An enticing option that combines the comforts of owning your home without the hassle is maintenance free living. Communities that cater to a carefree lifestyle are growing in popularity, both for those approaching retirement age and the younger crowds who desire stress-free housing. Here are the top 5 perks of living in a community:

1. No lawn care!

Maintenance crews take care of everything large-scale: mowing the grass, raking leaves, trimming trees and landscaping. Homeowners with a green thumb can still tend to small patio gardens if they so choose, but the tedious tasks are done for you. The convenience of beauty of landscaping you don’t have to maintain makes perk this a clear winner. Maintenance may also include upkeep on/in your home–things like loose siding, broken gutters, burnt-out lightbulbs and the like may be taken care of for you as part of your HOA fees.


2. No snow shoveling!

If there’s one thing I dread on winter mornings, it’s tackling the snow and ice on my driveway. Community sidewalks, parking lots and roads are cleared and salted regularly, so you can skip the shoveling and stay warm instead. This perk is a time-saver, certainly, but it also prevents falls and sore backs. That’s a winter win!



3. Access to amenities!

This perk is dependent on the community you choose, of course, but amenities like pools, gyms, tennis courts, game rooms, etc., definitely increase the appeal of buying a home in a community. Residents can forego memberships at gyms or pools, saving money, and can take advantage of a more active lifestyle.


4. Built-in sense of community!

This perk cannot be quantified, but the benefits of neighbors nearby are many. First is the added security. Neighbors within your building or on your block mean more eyes on your property. They’ll become familiar with vehicles and traffic patterns and can alert you if something seems amiss. Neighbors can also easily pick up your mail or packages for you should you go out of town. Most importantly, living in a community can mean increased social interaction. Seniors can take advantage of scheduled activities like game nights or golf outings, and residents of all ages can get to know and support the people who live next door.


5. Location, location, location!

Gated communities provide safe streets with little traffic. Residents can walk or bike with ease and breathe easily knowing access is restricted to solicitors and the like. Townhomes and condos are often within walking distance to downtown areas, providing residents with quick access to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Communities of any type provide reliable parking for residents, which can be hard to come by in busy apartment complexes populated by renters.

As you can see, maintenance-free living offers home ownership without the hassle. Coolman Communities offers four neighborhoods that live up to our mission of extraordinary livability and value. Our newest condominium community, St. Paul Square, is an upscale, elegant option in downtown Valparaiso.

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